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Inside the February issue of RadioUser


Radio listening guide review | Features on amateur radio and radio astronomy for beginners | maritime navigation | Airband radio

News & Products
The Tecsun PL-330, Boxchip S900A+, ICOM AH-705; TinySA Spectrum Analyser, Tableau MW Visualizer, and the IoT Cricket; plus all the latest news, blogs and trends from the world of radio

Feature: RAJAR  
David Harris goes behind the scenes at the Radio Joint Audience Research (RAJAR) organisation, showing how this body compiles and presents regular and reliable radio listener data. 

The RadioUser Annual Review of Radio Listener Guides    
In our extended review section, David Harris and the editor evaluate this year’s crop of the best radio listening and monitoring handbooks, frequency lists and DXing manuals. 

Emerging Issues in Radio
Against the backdrop of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Chrissy Brand assesses the current dynamic state of the radio industry and reports on the winners of some very recent radio awards. 

European Private Short Wave Stations 
Stig Hartvig Nielsen shares the most recent version of this practical short wave listening guide. 

History: The Life and Work of Edwin Armstrong 
Scott Caldwell introduces Edwin Howard Armstrong, the driving force and tireless promoter of commercial FM Broadcast Radio in America in the early part of the 20th Century. 

Visit the RadioUser online bookshop for the latest titles reviewed in this magazine, and for a great selection of authoritative books on many aspects of our fascinating radio hobby. 

Airband News
David Smith runs through the communications infrastructure at Gatwick Airport and offers some late news on space-based ADS-B and ground-based tracking technology at airports. 

Feature: Radio Astronomy and UKRAA: An Introduction  
Andrew Thomas, a trustee of the United Kingdom Radio Astronomy Association (UKRAA) is your expert tour guide to some simple radio astronomy projects for radio enthusiasts. 

Feature: The European Broadcasting Union (EBU)  
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith profile the work of the EBU, looking at how the organisation’s many successful initiatives are bridging and unifying the broadcasting traditions and cultures in Europe. 

Feature: The Transistor: Its Functions, History and Impact
Radio historian and author Geoffrey Evans delves into the intriguing history of the transistor and demonstrates how its swift development changed the face of electronics and radio forever. 

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Book Review: UK Airband Frequency Guide (UKAFG) 2021
The editor takes a closer look at Rick King’s handy resource for airband enthusiasts, which is becoming more indispensable year-on-year. 

The International Radio Scene 
Chrissy Brand gets her radio out of a shipping container, researches international crises via the short wave medium, and cooks up a well-seasoned dish of recommendations for global radio this month. 

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly speaks to a 2022 Golden Globe Race participant, before investigating Consol and the groundbreaking heyday of hyperbolic maritime radio navigation. 

Aerials Now
Keith Rawlings reviews a practical new title on aerial modelling for radio enthusiasts and closes his investigations of vector network analysers, and of the Nano VNA. 

Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan reviews the Elan Connect+ from PURE Radio, takes a deeper look at the ‘SmartRadios’ concept and rounds up the latest DRM and DAB radio advances worldwide. 

Scanning Scene Extra: Could You Love Amateur Radio?  
Tim Kirby covers the basics of the ham radio hobby, from a novice’s point of view. He offers advice for beginners, information on exams and suggestions for staying within your budget. 


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