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Inside the July 2021 issue of RadioUser


A diverse issue, appealing to a range of radio hobbyists, from CB fans and radio astronomy enthusiasts to maritime comms monitors, radio-software users, signals analysis and communications historians.

News and Products 
ICOM IC-M94DE Marine Handheld & AH-41 Antenna, Nevada Dual 3B-222 & SIRIO CX-4-68 Antennas, ML&S Anytone At-D878UVII ‘Plus’; Gear from RFCOMMS, RigExpert, and SDRplay. 

European Private Short Wave Stations  
The latest instalment of Stig Hartvig Nielsen’s monthly listing of innovative short wave broadcasters, and a call for future authors. 

Book Review 
This month, David Harris gets to grips with a much-discussed new book on the current state of the BBC before he evaluates a portrait of a remarkable Scottish local community radio station.  

Emerging Issues in Radio 
In Part Two of her survey of the history, art and function QSL cards, Chrissy Brand looks at how these documents symbolize and build identities, commemorate events and celebrate sporting glory. 

History: Radio from the Eiffel Tower
Scott Caldwell delves into the amazing story of this French icon as an antenna, multi-platform radio transmitter, scientific instrument and strategic asset. 

Feature: The Fading Phenomenon 
In the first instalment of a comprehensive two-part article, Nils Schiffhauer explains fading on short wave, illustrating how and why this propagation phenomenon occurs, and how you can measure it. 

Airband News
David Smith has news about remote-control towers, investigates the significance of Earth’s magnetic field for the future of aircraft comms and reveals communications at RAF Leeming. 

Rallies and Events  
Our monthly round-up of radio club meetings, rallies and swap-meets, special events, training initiatives and lectures the length and breadth of the country. Check before you travel! 

Feature: Radio Communications and Safety at Sea 
John Periam and Geoffrey Lee are back to show us the range of maritime communications devices used for purposes of safety and security at sea, and in case of search-and-rescue emergencies. 

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More News from the World of Radio 
A sample of the latest news, events and technologies from the world of radio broadcasting, current affairs and radio science.

TV and Radio Past and Present   
Don’t miss this article by Keith Hamer and Garry Smith, in which the authors meet Oliver Heaviside enjoy more vintage radio ads, remember Westward Television and explore TV graphics designers.

Digital Radio 
Continuing this month’s focus on signals analysis, Kevin Ryan provides a thorough review of the remarkable QIRX listening and analysis tool for digital radio. 

International Radio 
Chrissy Brand unearths some prime Scottish radio gems and gets moving with radio; she introduces programmes and stations from North Africa and previews the coverage of the Tokyo Olympics.

Aerials Now Special: Review 
Keith Rawlings reviews three CB base-station aerial models from the Sharman Storm series and shares the latest on the new Ofcom EM-Field Exposure Regulations.

Signals from Space   
Tim Kirby shows how you can receive radio emissions from the planet Jupiter, explains the signals’ origin and remembers the radio astronomers who detected them. 

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly shares maritime radio results from an ITU online seminar, dives into submarine communications and explains radio equipment inspections. 

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