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Inside the July 2022 issue of Radio User


Editor Georg Wiessala talks through some key highlights

News and Products (see also pp. 27, 37, 45, 49, and at
The Xiegu GNR1 filter; Tecsun  Degen DAB119x Radio; JETVISION AIR!SQUITTER; Icom IP110H radio and IC-PW2 amplifier; AMPRO Aerials; JNC Radio SV4401A VNR, and so much more. 

Review: The Degen DAB Multi-function Radio   
In the first of two special reviews this month, your editor looks at the new Tecsun Degen DAB119X FM / DAB / DAB+ / MW / SW Radio – a versatile and stylish all-rounder with remarkable sound. 

Book Review  
David Harris evaluates an electrifying new book on the former pirate radio broadcaster Laser 558; this title covers the station’s history, achievements and many unique characteristics. 

Review: The Xiegu GNR1 Digital Noise Cancelling Unit and Audio Filter   
The editor has been test-driving the Xiegu GNR1 Denoiser and Digital Audio Filter, from the point of view of a short wave broadcasting enthusiast, utility monitor and occasional DXer. 

Airband News
David Smith tracks new NATO activity in Eastern Europe, reports on electronic warfare matters and the workings of a new ‘virtual’ tower and summarises communications at RNAS Culdrose.

Airshows 2022 (Part Three)
Furthermore, David Smith unveils the next section of our seasonal RadioUser Guide to shows and events under an aeronautical, airband-listening and historical theme. 

Feature: HF Aeronautical Comms
Staying with the Airbands, Mark Allen looks at space weather and makes the case for the continued value of contemporary HF radio technology in the fields of aviation communications and ATC. 

Feature: Radio and Minority Language (Part Two)
In Part Two of his introduction to radio and online broadcasting and podcasting through the medium of minority languages, Richard Nosworthy travels to Brittany, Cornwall, Scotland, and Wales. 

Rallies and Events         
As the summer radio show season is well underway, we offer a guide to the very best in domestic and international hobby radio conventions, conferences, special interest gatherings and rallies.

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Maritime Matters  | Review
Robert Connolly reviews the latest Bonito Boni-Whip aerial, sees NAVTEX from Ukraine and takes a wider look at some recommended aerials for the maritime radio listening hobby. 

Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan hears about DRM tests by the BBC, reports on UK frequency management and small-scale DAB broadcasting, reflects on digital government blueprints and outlines DAB DXing. 

International Radio & New Media  
Chrissy Brand shows how a fast-changing radio scene influences stations’ fund-raising strategies and takes a look at how the world of classical music celebrates this year’s BBC Centenary. 

Emerging Issues in Radio 
In her second column this month, Chrissy Brand concludes her mini-series on the future of radio and casts a speculative glance at the possible radio landscape in 20 years’time. 

European Private Short Wave Stations | News        
Stig Hartvig Nielsen unveils the latest instalment of his ongoing survey of Private Short Wave Stations across Europe; these can offer a refreshingly alternative form of radio enjoyment.

Aerials Now 
Keith Rawlings previews an eagerly-anticipated new Wellbrook loop aerial; he appraises current software updates and provides an overview of the basic and double-extended ‘Zepp’ aerial.

TV and Radio, Past and Present   
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith remember the history of the BBC throughout the 1980s, take a look at the new incarnation of BBC-3 and reprise their biography of early television pioneer J. L. Baird. 

Signals from Space   
Tim Kirby outlines the surprising history, and significant achievements, of the Goonhilly Downs Satellite Receiving Station in Cornwall and shows us how to use its online on-site receiver. 

Long- Medium- and Short Waves  
Scott Caldwell profiles the Short Waves for Freedom campaign and the International Short Wave League (ISWL) and anticipates the forthcoming Etón Satellit portable world band receiver. 

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