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Inside the June 2022 issue of Radio User


Editor Georg Wiessala talks through some key highlights

News and Products 
New AOR DV-10 Software, Xiegu GNR1 Audio Filter, Sharman Aerials, Modelling with AN-SOF7.10, BDXC Broadcasts in English, OTNews, Rails & Radio, and the Global Radio Guide.

Book Review  
David Harris discovers a captivating life story authored by a radio presenter; the book blends biography with social history and represents a sympathetic portrayal of mental health issues.

16    Feature: Calling Antarctica
Allen Pennington relates the fascinating backstory of this month’s annual Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast, from the BBC World Service – ‘A Breath of Home Air’ for those working in the Antarctic. 

Airband News
David Smith analyses what the war in Ukraine means for European air space, tracks some drones and surveillance planes, explains Warton ATC and has updates on RAF Northolt and Prestwick. 

Airshows 2022
David Smith then reveals Part Two of our seasonal RadioUser Guide to this summer’s airshows, aircraft-themed occasions, historical tributes, and related meetings and displays.

Feature: Project Pluto and More 
Martín Butera profiles the Deep Space Communications Center in Crimea (DSCC), the setting of mankind’s first attempts to send messages to the stars, as well as a valuable scientific asset. 

Rallies and Events         
Welcome to the UK’s most complete listing of Rallies, Conferences, Buildathlons, Swapmeets and Trade Shows; this is your one-stop shop for planning your visit this summer and autumn. 

Take a look at a remarkable reader’s shack, learn about one radio lady’s amazing hobby tale and see what some of our readers have come up with in their posts to the editor. 

Review: Bonito AntennaJet AAS-300DP
The editor takes a look at the Bonito AntennaJet AAS-300DP active, dual-powered, lossless, RF signal splitter and connects this small shack accessory to diverse radios and aerials. 

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Returning to the theme of Ukraine, Chrissy Brand evaluates the changes brought about by the war on the Ukrainian radio landscape, investigating some transmissions both from and to the country. 

Feature: The Story of the Marcuse Bench  
RAOTA President David Reynolds, G3ZPF remembers a ‘benchmark’ visit and shows how Gerald Marcuse, G2NM played a part in both amateur radio and the BBC World Service.

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Digital Radio | Review
Kevin Ryan reviews the Auna IR160 Internet Radio, introduces the HD Radio/ IBOC digital transmission format and describes the best uses of the mediaU portal.

International Radio & New Media  
Chrissy Brand asks whether independent blogging by a range of new reporting talent can be seen as a new variety of ‘free radio’ and then calms down with the aid of soothing vibes in her car.  

TV and Radio, Past and Present   
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith take a deep dive into the history of the BBC throughout the 1970s, unearthing memories of ground-breaking technological developments and inventive programming. 

Aerials Now 
Keith Rawlings works with a simple but ingenious multi-band dipole aerial, testing out its construction, key characteristics and use at home and further afield. 

European Private Short Wave Stations | News        
Stig Hartvig Nielsen unveils the latest issue of his compilation of Private European Short Wave Stations, many of which are especially active at weekends. 

Push-to-Talk: Introduction to CB  
Tim Kirby provides a contemporary route into Citizens Band radio, looking at modern equipment and aerials, callsigns and customs, and at the particular attraction of this mode of hobby communication.   

History: Marconi’s German Heirs  
Scott Caldwell introduces a lesser-known German trio of radio pioneers: Adolf Karl Heinrich Slaby, Karl Ferdinand Braun and Count Georg von Arco. 

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly expounds on how radio communications technology can help to fight modern piracy on the high seas, providing an overview of AIR, DGPS, GMDSS, and LRIT transmissions.

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