Inside the May 2022 issue of Practical Wireless


Here are some of the highlights:

Keylines: Don has another mixed bag of topics including a mention of his recent trip to the Gambia.
PW at 90: A look back at PW’s fifth decade.
Reviewed: Accessories from Paradan: Richard Constantine G3UGF reflects on Thunder, Lightning, Paradan and a ‘Round Tuit’.
Review: InnovAntennas 4-Element 50MHz LFA Yagi : Our HF columnist Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX ventures higher in frequency to try out a 50MHz beam...
The World of VHF: Tim Kirby GW4VXE reports on some intriguing propagation on the 6m band.
Need a Hand? Or Six?: Frank M Howell PhD K4FMH describes an Artisan Soldering Platform for Builders.
Data Modes: Mike Richards G4WNC describes how to use data modes to get the best results under marginal propagation.
Remote Manual HF ATU, Part 2: Ken Ginn G8NDL continues with the construction of his manual ATU.
HF Highlights: Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX reports another good month of DX activity, along with some important items of news.
The Face Behind the Call: Roger Dowling G3NKH meets a Jodrell Bank astronomer whose DX was the Moon.
SDR, Part 5: Dr Samuel Ritchie EI9FZB looks at receiving across the complete range 3.3 to 30MHz.
Reviewed: D-STAR and the Next Level ID-52E: Richard Constantine G3UGF reports, “The world isn’t your oyster… it’s an ID-52E!”
Valve and Vintage: Dr Bruce Taylor HB9ANY describes a popular classic gang-tuned multiband rig, the Panda Cub.
An Introduction to Microwave Radio, Part 3: Ian Dilworth G3WRT turns his attention to microwave antennas.
Build the PW Paston, Part 4: Mark Tuttle G0TMT starts on the receiver board, describing the RF section.
Valved Radio Repair, Part 2: Bernard Nock G4BXD discusses safety before moving on to types of valve and some basic circuits.
Readers’ Letters: This month’s Letters include memories of PW, linear amplifiers, whither amateur radio and more.

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