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Inspired by INSPIRE?


VLF Radio and NASA STEM Education

Discover the VLF Band

The most recent issue of the NASA INSPIRE Journal is out. It contains once again a plethora of articles on the Very Low Frequency (VLF) part of the spectrum. The magazine also stands out for its commitment to education in radio science and the geophysical sciences, looking at how young people are benefiting from grants, scholarships and educational STEM programmes involving radio, maths and physics.

This most recent issue includes a not-to-be-missed article entitled ‘The Sounds of Mars Helicopter Captured During Fourth Flight on 30 April 2021’. There is also the latest news from the Natural Radio and VLF Group. Curious readers will find material on the (2019) Transit of Mercury, on how the INSPIRE VLF Receiver has been incorporated in art projects, and about “Natural Radio” as a Didactic Alternative in Waves Physics. Something for everyone, and at a level we can all understand.

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The magazine also contains information on how you can order the INSPIRE VLF-3 hand-portable VLF Receiver.

(Source: INSPIRE Journal (NASA / VLF Group): Spring 2021 Volume 25)