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New ASB-B | MLAT | FLARM Receiver

This is a Game-Changer

The AIR1SQUITTER ADS-B | MLAT | FLARM receiver comes as a bundle with a combined ADS-B/GPS antenna, 10m antenna cable and mounting kits. No monthly or yearly subscription is required.

The AIR!SQUITTER is an integrated device with all features for problem-free ADS-B and MLAT reception. OLED display with the most important operating parameters.

MLAT (Multilateration) is provided within the Jetvision Flight Tracking Network (see note below*). Feeders for FlightRadar24, FlightAware, Opensky Network, Planeplotter and ADSB Exchange.

Connection is over WIFI or LAN. Supports simultaneously multiple users via desktop, tablet or smartphone. There is an extensive map display on the web browser, with filter options, status, range and performance diagrams. With the integrated combined ADS-B/GPS antenna only one antenna cable is required.

The AIR!SQUITTER is accessible for the Mac OS, Windows, Android, and Lynx platforms.

In the basic version, the Air! Squitter is permanently connected to the Jetvision Flight Tracking Network. Registration is included.

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In the commercial version of the AIR!SQUITTER (activation by key) the data are available on the external interfaces as JSON, Binary, Port 30003 and ASTERIX and highly accurate GPS time stamps.

The link-up to the Jetvision Flight Tracking Network can be disconnected.

Please contact the ML&S support line (see below) for more information.

At the time of writing, the package includes the following:

  • Air!Squitter ADS-B / MLAT Receiver
  • Antenna 1090 MHz with internal GPS
  • Antenna mounting kits (1 pc)
  • Antenna cable 10m (N male to SMA male) (1 pc)
  • Power Supply
  • LAN cable 5m.

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