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Kirsty Young Returns as Castaway


D.I.D. @ Christmas

Don’t Miss This Treat! 


The former host of Desert Island Disks will feature in the festive special on Christmas Day. Kirsty, who interviewed around 500 castaways in the 12 years she presented the show, stepped down in 2018, for health reasons. Among the things she’ll be discussing in the special will be presenting the Queen’s state funeral and parts of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, plus other moments in her career.

On hosting the programme herself, the broadcaster said: “It was a slightly discombobulating and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Although making anyone narrow down their favourite discs to just eight is frankly unreasonable. It’ll never catch on.” The programme has seen many famous names cast away since it was launched by its creator and original host Roy Plomley in 1942.

Among those who were guests with Kirsty Young are George Michael, Yoko Ono, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen. Lauren Laverne will castaway her guest Kirsty Young in the Desert Island Discs Christmas Day special on BBC Radio 4.

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