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KW Days – January 5th & 6th 2019


Every year the popularity of ‘KW Days’ that take place on the first weekend of January grows.


Every year the popularity of ‘KW Days’ that take place on the first weekend of January grows. Between the 1950s and ‘70s this post-war company, founded by Roly Shears G8KW, grew to be the largest maker of amateur radio equipment ever seen in the UK.

It offered an alternative to government surplus or homebrew. Initially a ‘cottage industry’ (garage) offering kit parts, part assemblies and AM/CW equipment, it developed into a fully-fledged factory with its own R&D, manufacturing a complete range of SSB transceivers plus a full range of accessories.

KW Days offers clubs and collectors worldwide a special opportunity to activate and demonstrate equipment on the anniversary of the founding weekend. of the KW company. In 2019 stations will again be active in a number of countries and across the UK. GB2KW, Sutherland ARS, Shetland and Cray Valley multi-station GB8KW will again be active and hope to have a rare KW Victor transmitter restored in time. The famous callsign G8KW may also appear

Of special interest this time will be the KW2000D at Bletchley Park. It is one of that last KW2000E’s ever made, featuring a Nixie tube digital read-out and originally the company founder’s personal radio.

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So popular has this event become that a mid-year event is being considered, for the first weekend in July, celebrating the patent filing date for the world famous KW trap dipole.

As always, SSB/CW activity will be on any frequency ending in 77 (KW77 Rx) +/− QRM That is: 1.977, 3.777, 7.177, 14.177/277MHz, etc. AM activity will be on VMARS frequencies.

Anyone seeking help restoring or using a KW classic, can find it online at [email protected]


This article was featured in the January 2019 issue of Practical Wireless 


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