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Limited-Edition Radio Caroline Turntables


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Radio Caroline gave away special Ross Revenge turntables as prizes. The station has teamed up with Rega Research, designers and manufacturers of hi-fi equipment, to produce limited edition Radio Caroline turntables for a listener competition. The turntable features a Ross Revenge Red gloss plinth, a matt black Radio Caroline logo, and a slip mat with an image of Caroline’s radio ship Ross Revenge on its mooring on the River Blackwater, Essex.


Rega Research marketing manager Simon Webster said: “We are delighted to partner with the iconic team at Radio Caroline. We have worked closely together over the past couple of months to create something very special, combining two of our best-selling turntable designs to create a totally unique and fully customised Radio Caroline Rega turntable. Like all Rega, products, the turntable is hand-built in the UK, engineered to the very highest standards.”


Only three have been produced and Radio Caroline will give them away in a free listener competition from today, Monday 25 July 2022.


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(Source: Radio Caroline | RadioToday)