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Listen to the ISS Today


A School Contact on 437.525MHz

ISS Contact and AMSAT


Listen to an International Space Station (ISS) school contact today, October 7, at 3:18 pm BST (14:18 GMT) on a new ISS downlink frequency of 437.525 MHz FM. It will be a Telebridge contact conducted by Jan Poppeliers ON7UX using the call sign ON4ISS and astronaut Chris Cassidy KF5KDR for students at McConnell Middle School in the USA.


Downlink should be receivable across the British Isles and Continental Europe:


Live Stream:

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There is still time for you to Register for the Online AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium. This Free event takes place on Sunday, October 11 and is open to all. Those who are registered will be entered for a number of free raffles, which will take place during the event.


Schedule and Information:


[Make sure you do not miss Tim Kirby's bi-monthly column on Signals from Space in RadioUser - Ed.].


(Source, and many thanks to, Bob Houlston G4PVB, Volunteer Correspondent; photographs are courtesy of Tim Kirby)


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