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Local BBC Radio Sharing Proposals Defended


DCMS Committee Investigates 


Controversial Proposals Defended 


BBC Director of Nations Rhodri Talfan Davies and BBC Director of England Jason Horton have defended proposals to reduce the number of local programmes on Local BBC Radio.


Appearing in front of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, the two Directors answered blunt questions about the plans to introduce regional programmes on 39 local stations outside of the weekday 6 am to 2 pm slots […].


During the two-hour session, which can be viewed online (1st URL, below) a number of pertinent topics were raised, including Rhodri Talfan Davies’s salary, pointing out that it is ten times what the average journalist on a BBC local radio station is earning – a sore subject when bosses say there isn’t any more money available.


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Read the full story, and watch the coverage of the meeting, below. 


(Source: Radio Today | [email protected])