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LTE/PoC Mobile Radio for Commercial Vehicles


Icom has launched its new LTE/PoC mobile radio, which complements its growing range of LTE radio products.

Designed for installation in a vehicle, the IP501M provides a straightforward and easy-to-use solution for drivers, offering nationwide and European PTT radio coverage using the LTE/4G network. The IP501M LTE/PoC Mobile Radio uses the same intuitive MMI as the IP501H/IP503H hand-portables, which will allow users to have a mixture of handhelds (IP501H/ IP503H for individual use) and mobiles (IP501M for vehicle use) recognisable to all with the same operating menu and key layout. Like the IP501H/IP503H, the new IP501M operates over a closed private LTE data network, giving an extra level of security. It also boasts full-duplex operation so users can talk and receive at the same time during ‘Individual’ and ‘group’ calls. No licence is required for the IP501M, making it suitable for those companies that have vehicles covering a large distance, e.g. logistics companies or taxi firms. With the optional HM-230HB command microphone connected, users have a display and 10-keypad control handheld-like interface. With the built-in Bluetooth, you can connect a headset wirelessly, giving hands-free operation of the IP501M. Ian said, “Our LTE radio system is perfect for any transport company providing on incredibly simple, secure full-duplex solution at a reasonable cost with nationwide coverage.” (Source: Icom, LAMCO)

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This review was featured in the December 2019 issue of RadioUser

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