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Moonraker GA-450


A Nifty Indoor Magnetic Loop Aerial

Meet My New Travel Buddy

I have been looking at the new Moonraker GA-450 HF Indoor Loop Antenna this week, with a view to a full review in the April issue of RadioUser.

The GA-450 is a compact high-performance active loop antenna for indoor reception, with lots of connectivity options, and I have been having fun with it, nulling out unwanted signals on the way.

Use it on your main station desk or suspend it from somewhere in the room – whatever you do, you will be, in all likelihood, impressed by this little fellow. The USB charging function is an excellent idea; one charge lasts for many hours.

Take a look at the pictures: I have tried this antenna with a number of portable short wave and wideband radios, with the view that I would pack the GA-450 for travel. I also hooked it up to one of my main station receivers, a JRC NRD-345, and an SDR, the SDRplay RSPduo.

This is a versatile small loop; you will be surprised. Beats many telescopic antennas. I listened mainly to broadcast radio but also got (Weather) Data and HF Voice, no problem. Read my in-depth review in the forthcoming April issue. I think this will come with me on my future travels, for casual listening and explorations of local and regional radio scenes.

Retails at £ 89.99 at Moonraker.

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