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Moonraker MHR-100 VHF Marine Transceiver


Stay Safe on the Water

Maritime Transceiver Preview


If you are messing about in boats, or going out for more serious trips and voyages, the new Moonraker MHR-100 VHF Marine Transceiver looks like a must-have item for boaters and maritime radio enthusiasts. The unit has large keys and an easy-to-grip body for smooth operation. It includes 200 programmable channels with quick channel selection, falling water flash alarm and is waterproof to 1 metre for 30 minutes. The radio costs £69.95, and you can read a full review in the December issue of RadioUser.


For now, some of the key features and specifications of this radio are as follows:

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  • Frequency 156-162MHz
  • High/Low Power Selectable
  • Call Channel Function
  • Dual Watch and Triple Watch
  • Priority Channel Selection
  • 2-Step Power Saver
  • Scan Function
  • Battery Save
  • Keypad Lock

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