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Moonraker MINI 1300 (0.1 1300MHz)


Check out this Handheld Antenna Analyser


An Exciting New Shack Essential


The new MINI 1300 portable antenna analyser allows you to instantly check and tune any antenna from 0.1-1300MHz. The device is a rugged easy-to-use complete antenna test unit. No more lugging bulky, expensive test equipment to remote antenna sites and hard-to-get-places. Key features and specifications are advertised as follows:


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  • Panoramic Scan | Generator | Time Domain | Multi SWR
  • Setup | Find Frequency | Tune SWR/Sound | View Pictures | USB HS card reader
  • SWR Measurement Range: 1.0-1999 (single-point Mode) and 1.0-20.0 (scan-mode)
  • Display Modes: Numerical display, curve display, chart
  • Connector Type: UHF N-type connector | SMA OPEN-SHORT-LOAD Calibration Kit x 1
  • LCD size: 480x272 4.3 TFT LCD display | Contact Screen Type: Capacitive
  • All capacitive touchscreen on the display - no buttons are needed
  • Power Source: USB or Internal Li-ion | Built-in Li-ion charging circuitry and DC-DC booster
  • Maximum charging current: 5V/1.5A | External Storage Method: TF card | Weight: 550g

Watch out for a forthcoming review of this antenna analyser here in RadioUser.

(GW | 090221)