New 'AS' Antenna Range at LAMCO


You've Heard it on the Grape VINE

LAMCO: New Vine Antennas AS Range

Joe at LAMCO has been in touch to introduce the firm’s new ‘AS’ range of aerials for the Vine Antenna brand. The AS-OCF-404-HP model, Joe thinks, will be the 'hot-seller' amongst them. This aerial, in particular, is designed to work well with an IC-7300, or with the new FT-DX10.

LAMCO also stock the following ranges of Vine Antennas:

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The AS-CITY Range:
The AS-CITY-HP Range:
The AS-CW Range:
The AS-CW-HP Range:
The AS-Urban-Portable-33 Kit:
The AS-OCF Range:

All antennas ranges come in 80m and 40m versions