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New Book on Portishead Radio


A Friendly Voice On Many A Dark Night

Preview: Portishead Radio: A Friendly Voice On Many A Dark Night, by Larry Bennett


Larry Bennett’s new book will be fully reviewed in the forthcoming (August 2020) issue of RadioUser. As a little foretaste, however, you will want to read this title. I have had a sneak preview and have found this to be a meticulously-researched, in-depth, and often anecdotal account of the key role that the Portishead Radio Station has played in international commercial maritime communications, from ca 1900 to the present day. The fascinating story of this station will stick in your mind because it is told in a lively manner, with a focus on the people who worked there, their stories, and life at the station in general. The author traces the many changes the station has undergone over the years – a reflection of changing technology, operating procedures and wider geopolitical developments, such as the Falklands War in 1982. Read David Harris’s full assessment of the title in RadioUser in August.


Bennett, L. (2020) Portishead Radio. A Friendly Voice on Many a Dark Night

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New Generation Publishing

Pbk. 322 pp. £9.99