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New from Moonraker


Moonraker have introduced the SenHaix 8800 Bluetooth programmable dual-band handheld radio.

This is the first dual-band handheld radio to allow programming from a phone by Bluetooth. The price is £64.99. 

In what they say is another first, the Vero Telecom VGC VR-N7500 is a brand new 50W VHF/40W UHF Headless transceiver with a solid build quality. It is very different in design compared to any other radio used mobile or base.

The VR-N7500 uses a smartphone as a control panel. The body is installed in the car boot, the mobile phone is connected to the body through Bluetooth, and the automatic horizontal screen state is fully intelligently connected. Car hands-free intercom can be utilised through the vehicle Bluetooth and PTT is by the supplied Bluetooth PTT. The prices is £169.99. Full details of both can be found at:

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This review was featured in the February 2020 issue of Practical Wireless