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New from Nevada


Nevada Radio have announced the release the Alinco DJ-VX50HE Dual-Band Handheld!

This is a low cost, but high specification, rugged transceiver, meeting IP67 Dust and waterproof standards. It features a three-colour selectable display, with keypad entry and semi-duplex dual-band operation. The receiver section also covers VHF Airband and FM Broadcast bands. The radio gives 5W (VHF) and 4W (UHF) output using a high-power Li-Ion battery, with charging stand and belt clip included. Features include, Internal Vox, 200 memories and Auto repeater shift. Priced at £89.95, Nevada believe it will prove popular.

Nevada Radio have also announced a new ‘SUPER YAGI’ from DUAL antennas of Serbia, for the 144MHz and 432MHz bands. This is a competition grade, low noise, EME-capable antenna, that behaves as two separate, extreme gain, monoband antennas. It has 12 elements on 144MHz, with gain of 15.6dBi, and 25 elements on 432MHz, with gain of 18.4dBi. Boom length is 6.7m with each band having its own feedpoint and balun. The antenna sells for £289.95 and available from Nevada Radio and Waters & Stanton.

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This review was featured in the February 2020 issue of Practical Wireless