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New Products from bhi


In-Line Module and Bypass Switch

Manage Your Noise Problems

The new bhi In-Line Module cleans up noisy signals and works with most radios and receivers. It comes with the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology, which brings improved audio quality to the listener when operating in noisy conditions across all radio bands. The audio is clearer and more intelligible as a result.

The In-Line Module accepts speaker level audio and connects in between your radio and loudspeaker. The speaker audio is muted when headphones are connected, and when the unit is switched off the audio bypass feature routes the signal directly through to the loudspeaker. The In-Line Module is powered from a suitable 10 to16V DC power supply and has a three-position switch that turns the unit on and switches the noise cancellation on and off.

The 'Status-LED' illuminates red when power is applied and changes to green when the noise cancellation is active. The unit has an audio input overload LED, an audio output level adjust control and comes supplied with a 3.5mm mono plug lead, fused DC power lead, User manual and 4 rubber feet. The new bhi In-Line Module is available from bhi Ltd, or one of their authorised stockists. Price £159.95 including VAT. The key features of this new device are as follows:


  • 8 noise cancelling levels, 8-40dB
  • Tone reduction up to 65dB
  • Bespoke 5W audio amplifier
  • Audio-bypass feature
  • Speaker output connection 3.5mm mono jack socket
  • Headphone socket 3.5mm mono jack socket
  • Audio input overload feature
  • DC power 10 to16V DC (500mA)
  • Compact unit, 135mm x 65mm x 46mm, weight 0.3Kg

The bhi Bypass Switch

The bhi Dual In-Line and Compact In-Line units don’t have an internal audio bypass facility. If you switch the power off on your bhi unit, the audio will not pass directly through to your external speaker. The bypass switch enables this to happen by routing the audio from your radio directly through to your extension speaker without powering on your bhi unit.

This can be particularly useful if you just want to listen to your radio without your bhi noise-cancelling unit switched on. A single push-button switch on the Bypass Switch provides this facility. Press the button in, and the audio routes through your bhi DSP noise cancelling unit (power on).

Press the button again, and the switch returns to the ‘out’ position and the audio is routed directly between your radio and loudspeaker. The new Bypass Switch is available from bhi or one of their authorised stockists. Retail price £34.95 including VAT.

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