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​​​​​​​New: SDRuno V1.41


Full Scheduler Function Implemented

Don't Miss Out On This Great New Functionality

SDRuno V1.41 was fully released today (18th September 2021). It includes the much-requested full scheduler facility which allows you to set up numerous recording events for your RSP.  As well as providing all the expected calendar options (time of day, date, start and stop times, repeating options and so on), you can also set the ‘profile’ for each recording – this allows you to pre-set frequencies, bandwidths, demodulator options (AM/FM/USB/LSB etc.), choice of filters and antenna port selection. Additionally, you can choose the settings for connectivity to other third party software or the running of a specific plugin.

The following new functions have been added:

  • Scheduler panel which replaces the old ‘Recorder’ panel (launch using the SCHEDULER button in the main panel).
  • A new auto-layout to include the scheduler (for screen resolutions of 1920×1080 and above).
  • Backup and Restore of the .ini file settings (access via the main panel OPT menu)
  • A Screenshot button has been added to the SP1 title bar
  • IQ .wav files can now be used in plugins

The following pre-existing features have been changed:

  • Auto layouts now take account of the taskbar location and size.
  • Auto layouts have been improved to take account of higher resolutions.
  • Saved workspace notification moved to the status bar.
  • Memory Panel will now prompt to save any changes made when switching to another memory

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Decimation and the LOLOCK state are now correctly saved and recalled within a profile.
  • The main panel version tooltip now displays the correct information.
  • The step size could be set incorrectly when using non-FM modes and pressing any of the FM sub-mode buttons.
  • ADS-B/DAB mode now handles when in both band-framed mode and also when the LO is locked.
  • Bugs associated with .wav file playback
  • When loading a profile, the last used memory bank field will update correctly
  • Saving a profile will now update the displayed loaded profile field correctly

Also available with SDRuno V1.41 is a new ADSB plugin that simplifies the way you can use an SDRplay RSP for decoding real-time transponder signals from aircraft in your vicinity. You simply ensure you have a suitable antenna for 1.090 GHz and launch SDRuno and the new ADSB plugin. This new Plugin works with freely available Virtual Radar Server software which collects the data from the SDRuno plugin and produces a clickable map that shows all the aircraft found in real-time. Anyone who has an RSPduo (the dual tuner SDR) can simultaneously listen to the corresponding ATC voice channel to monitor the pilot interaction with air traffic control. Mike, KD2KOG  from SDRplay has produced a video and a comprehensive app note covering this and the many ways this new plugin can be used to customise displays via its internal ADSB web server. The documentation can be found at the second URL, below:

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Another great plugin improvement is the squelch-activated record facility in the audio recorder plugin. This allows recording only the active signals which break through the squelch threshold setting. There is another new video that demonstrates this:

Finally, please note that SDRplay has also updated the SDRuno roadmap. You’ll see that we have changed the order in which the company is doing things to bring forward the release of V2.0:

(Sources: SDRplay | Jon Hudson | SWLing Post)

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