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A New Portable from China

A Preview

I have been lucky to have been sent one of the very first - and long-awaited - XHDATA D-109 World Band Receivers from China this week. The small and robustly-built radio offers FM (Stereo on HP), Long Wave, Medium Wave, and Short Wave reception in a neat little package. It can also act as a Bluetooth player, and it has a Micro-SD card slot at the bottom, for your music. 

My impressions so far are good. The radio offers an informative display, good memory and timer functions, band scanning, automatic search, and a host of other functions. I am currently listening to Turkish radio, and I have the CCW HF Double Loop external antenna connected to the XHDATA D-109. You can do that, without any problems, via the external antenna input on the side of the radio. 

Over the next week or so, I'll fully test this new contender and will report back; here and in Practical Wireless. 


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