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News from Jörg Klingenfuss


Forthcoming Publications

2022 Books for your Radio Shack

With solar activity increasing strongly and providing much-improved HF propagation conditions, our friend Jörg Klingenfuss has been in touch again to let RadioUser readers know about his forthcoming products and frequency lists for 2022. Klingenfuss Publications are now working on the following products and updates:


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  • 2022 Shortwave Frequency Guide
  • 2022 Super Frequency List on CD
  • 2022 Frequency Database for the Perseus LF-HF SDR
  • Supplement January 2022 to the 2021/2022 Guide to Utility Radio Stations


All to be published on 10 December 2021.

(If you are able to supply additional new frequencies and stations, your cooperation would be highly appreciated. Please submit your data to JK by 25 October 2021. The printed Supplement, with 300+ new frequencies and stations monitored throughout 2021, plus brand-new radiofax schedules, will be attached free to all copies of the 2021/2022 Guide to Utility Radio Stations sold after 1 January 2022. Those customers that did acquire the 2021/2022 Guide to Utility Radio Stations before that date may download the pertinent PDF file free from our website, after 1 January 2022).

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