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Nostalgic Cover Pages


Share your favourite classic covers

A Magazine's Shop Window

Every month, great care goes into the RadioUser and PW cover pages, to make the magazines as attractive and 'eye-catching' as possible. Images are important, especially in a technical hobby. At time, though, I succumb to a bit of radio nostalgia, and I look at old covers I have acquired at radio shows (remember them?) and on eBay.

Do you remember our feature in the July 2020 issue of RadioUser, about radio magazines in the USA? Some very nice images there. Have a look at those 'PW oldies-but-goldies' here, don't you just love them! Of course, they reflect developments and attitudes of their times. Anyway, this gave me an idea:

Why don't you tag us on our social media an image of your favourite vintage cover page of any radio magazine that is or was in print - especially, but not exclusively, RadioUser, Practical Wireless and any of our predecessors. 

So, go rooting in your shack, cellar or attic now to dig out and dust off those old boxes of magazines!

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