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Ofcom EMF Licence Changes


Update on RSGB Resources

EMF Videos

The RSGB YouTube channel now has two videos to help radio amateurs understand the Ofcom EMF licence changes. In the first video, EMC Chair John Rogers, M0JAV explains how to use the EMF calculator. The second video is the live webinar he did as part of the RSGB AGM and which is now available separately.


RSGB Survey

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Last year, through the combined RSGB / NHS Get on the Air to Care’ media campaign, it is likely that over 35 million people heard news and stories about amateur radio. You now have a chance to tell the RSGB what you think should happen next. 

As part of a wider IARU workshop, the RSGB is conducting a short survey of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that apply to amateur radio in the UK. Whether you are a radio amateur or not licensed yet, do take a few minutes to fill in the survey and be part of the discussions. You can find it at the URL below. The deadline for responses is 23 May 2021.