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Podcast Day 24


A Day of Podcast-Knowledge, Learning & Entertainment

Interested in Podcasting? 

The organisers of this event have released this statement, relating to the Australian version of this global event: "Podcast Day 24 Australia is a podcast event for those working in podcasting, whether you are a producer, a host, in a large media company or are just starting, there is something for you at this event. Find out the secrets behind some of Australia’s biggest shows with some of the teams involved. Hear from the big names in the podcast world, how did they do it and where are they going next?

Podcast Day 24 also brings together facts, figures, audience data and information which can help you and your podcast target the right audiences, build a strategy for monetisation and plan for your future success. Plus we put you in contact with companies who can help you achieve more with your podcast. Hear all about it at Podcast Day 24, the latest news, the latest gossip, the inside track and some of the new companies making a splash in podcasting in Australia." 

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You need to join us for this not to be missed Podcast Day 24 inaugural event in Sydney on 4th October 2022!

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