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Podcast Day 24


October 24th, 2022

Top-level Speakers Announced

Podcast Day 24 is a unique event: Three in-person conferences, one in London, New York and Sydney - all on the same day, bringing together broadcasters, publishers, platforms and technology companies. It’s also backed by the people behind Radiodays Europe, Radiodays Asia, the British Podcast Awards, the Australian Podcast Awards and Haymarket Media Group.

Podcast Day 24 registration is now online for 4th October 2022. Get your ticket to the live event in Sydney or London or New York! Join some fabulous speakers at this not to be missed event being held worldwide over 24 hours! Podcast Day 24 is pleased to announce the first speakers in its stellar line-up of podcast stars [….]

Peter Niegel, Chairman, Podcast Day 24 and Radiodays Europe said today “We can’t wait to join together the podcast communities across the world for another 24-hour event. This year we are pleased to announce that each event will be in-person in Sydney, London and New York. This is going to be special as we have had to wait to hold Podcast Day 24 as an event where we can once again bring podcasters together. Worldwide the line-up is going to be special with some exciting surprises for everyone!”.

Tickets for Podcast Day 24, 4th October 2022 are on sale now at the ‘early-bird’ price. Your ticket gives you entry to the event in Sydney or London or New York plus gives you access to all the recorded content on Catch up from the events worldwide – 3 days of podcast content in total!

Get your ticket here:

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(Source: Chrissy Brand | Podcast Day 24)




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