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Podcast Listening and Smart Speakers


A brief overview of podcast listening uptake on Smart Speakers.

Podcast Listening and Smart Speakers

One would think smart speakers in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, would be a fantastic growth opportunity for podcast listening in the home, yet for the most part, that hasn’t happened. Right now, according to listening data from thousands of podcasts on the Libsyn podcast platform, less than 1% of podcast listening occurs on smart speakers. That’s 200 million speakers worldwide that podcasts are not being listened to on.  While voice commands simplify so many things - “Alexa, play Lil Nas X” – the lack of a user interface such as a screen on a mobile device makes discoverability and navigation on smart speakers a challenge for podcast listening. Recent announcements from Amazon, Apple and Spotify will hopefully mark big steps in the right direction for improving the experience of podcast listening on smart speakers and turbo-charge growth.

(Source: BLOGSTEIN/ AMPLIFI Media, 27th January 2020; picture-credit: Fabian Hurnaus/Pexels)

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