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Practical Wireless - February 2020


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The February 2020 issue of Practical Wireless is now available. Here are some of the highlights:
Improving Your Projects: Michael Jones GW7BBY explains his methods for achieving a high-quality finish on equipment front panels.
An HF Multiband Portable Antenna: Ron Taylor G4GXO describes a multiband antenna suitable for lightweight portable operations.
The Morse Mode: Roger Cooke G3LDI has his bi-monthly roundup of Morse-related news, including a look at non-English Morse characters.
Valve & Vintage: The story of Michael Lindsay, the British amateur who worked with Chinese guerrillas in World War II and made possible the first intercontinental broadcasts by Xinhua the Chinese news agency.
Book Review: Chris Colclough G1VDP reviews Hogwash for Hamsters, a counter to being too serious about the hobby!
World of VHF: Tim Kirby GW4VXE, with a new location and prefix, starts his column with an update on the Open GD77 project.
Kits and Modules: A power supply rebuild and an RF ammeter; Geoff Theasby G8BMI has two more cheap and cheerful projects for the shack.
Carrying on the Practical Way: Lee Aldridge G4EJB returns, this time with a series of articles based on the PW contributions of the late George Dobbs G3RJV.
A Bridge to the Revised Advanced Licence: Tony Jones G7ETW addresses the gap between the old Intermediate and new Advanced licence syllabuses.
HF Highlights: Despite variable propagation, Steve Telenius-Lowe PJ4DX reports that the HF bands were buzzing with activity in late 2019.
The 11th Practical Wireless 70MHz Contest, Results: Contest Manager Colin Redwood G6MXL has the results of the 2019 contest.
Technical for the Terrified: Don G3XTT takes a look at the end-fed half-wave antenna, a design that has recently come into prominence once again.
Using an EFHW Antenna: Daimon Tilley G4USI discusses the use of End Fed Half Wave Antennas for portable and home operation.
What Next: In the first of a two-part mini-series, Colin Redwood G6MXL looks at antenna supports.
Hints & Tips: A further selection of handy hints from readers and elsewhere.
Data Modes: Mike Richards G4WNC is looking at an important signal quality improvement for FT8 & FT4, along with ideas for monitoring your signal quality.
Notes from a Small Station: Joe Chester MW1MWD reflects on the highs (and lows) of low power operating.
In the Shop: Harry Leeming G3LLL describes the uses of a dip meter, still a handy tool to have around the shack.
Readers’ Letters: The proposed Beginner’s licence features strongly among this month’s reader correspondence.
The Case for QRO (High Power): Some thoughts from the editor Don Field G3XTT.


Practical Wireless February 2020 is on sale now! Available to purchase from most good newsagent or directly from us here

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