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Preview: The Inrico T-310 Network Radio


Tim Kirby's Review is in the October Issue of RadioUser

Network Radio News 

RadioUser columnist Tim Kirby is not only a prolific writer, contributing two columns to the magazine (Push-to-Talk and Signals from Space); he is also one of our most experienced equipment testers.

In the forthcoming (October 2021) issue of RadioUser, Tim will review the Inrico T-310 Network Radio.

When asked about this new device, Tim said:

“The exciting Inrico T-310 ‘Network Radio’ handheld device provides worldwide communication using either a mobile network or a Wi-Fi connection. It’s a compact Android smartphone, featuring a push-to-talk button making it extremely flexible to use. Depending on your interests, you can install the applications you want from the Google Play store. Network Radio enthusiasts may use applications such as Zello and Teamspeak to communicate worldwide with crystal-clear audio quality.

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“Amateur Radio operators may use the same, but can add applications such as Droid*Star, Echolink and APRSDroid which connect directly to amateur radio systems through Internet gateways. With the T-310 in your pocket, an interesting conversation is just a few button presses away!”

Do not miss out on the full review in the October issue!