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PropLab New Version


New version of the Proplab professional HF propagation prediction software


New Version of Proplab-Pro HF Radio Propagation Laboratory

A new version (3.1) of the Proplab propagation prediction software has become available for Windows 10. Proplab Pro was one of the first ionospheric physics-based HF radio signal ray-tracing engines in the world for the PC and has been maintained and developed for over 20 years. It continues to be used by research organizations, scientists, engineers, students, the military and amateur radio operators around the world. It is one of the only software packages to reliably predict ionospherically refracted HF radio signal behaviour. It uses both three dimensional models of the ionosphere as well as three dimensional topographical data of the Earth to provide unprecedented detail in modelling HF radio signal propagation worldwide. The minimum system requirements are Windows 7, 8 or 10, 256 MB of memory, 2.45G GB, or 2,450 MB of free hard-disk space, 1.0 GHz microprocessor, and a monitor capable of a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.


(Source: Nils Schiffhauer; Solar-Terrestrial Dispatch)

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