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At this time of forced confinement, many radio enthusiasts will find themselves with a lot of time on your hands. All our advertisers and many other UK radio traders are open for online and postal business, details will be in the May 2020 issue of RadioUser. Apart from that, why not spend a few pleasurable hours browsing the 'Used Equipment' pages of the main dealers? Here is a short list of those you will not want to miss. Stock will vary all the time, and the pictures on this page are for illustration purposes only.


Lamco: https://www.hamradio-shop.co.uk/product-category/used-equipment

Lindars Radios: https://www.amateurradiosales.co.uk/junk-box

ML&S: https://www.hamradio.co.uk/used-equipment-pc-561.php

Moonraker: https://www.moonraker.eu/used-2

Nevada Radio: https://www.nevadaradio.co.uk/shop/used-equipment

Radioworld: https://www.radioworld.co.uk/used_ham_radio_equipment

Shortwave Shop: http://www.shortwave.co.uk/secondhand.html

Waters and Stanton: https://hamradiostore.co.uk/deals.html


You can also check out the websites of the following:


bhi: https://www.bhi-ltd.com

Shortwave Shop: www.shortwave.co.uk

Tennamast: www.tennamast.com

Technofix: www.technofix.co.uk


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