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OTN Autumn 2021 is Out

RAOTA News No. 139

The Autumn 2021 issue of the quarterly magazine (OTN 139) of the Radio Amateur Old Timers’ Association has been sent to the printer and copies will be received by members in the near future. David  G3ZPF (RAOTA President) introduced the issue as follows:

In addition to all the annual reports from Committee, there is an article by G4GQL showing his collection of morse keys, and one by G3RZP titled 100 Years of Short Waves Across the Pond.

There is also a piece on Radio at the Roof of the World, which describes the trials and tribulations of taking wireless sets up Everest in 1933. Plus, the latest in the series of members' articles about How I got started in Amateur Radio. These are always interesting.

For those with limited vision, our magazine is always available as an audio version too.

Some still seem to think that to join RAOTA you need to have been licensed for 25 years to become a member, but you don’t. Anyone with an active interest in amateur radio is welcome to become a member. There is no need to hold (or be qualified to hold) an amateur radio licence. We have several SWL in our ranks.

Although we are interested in the history and traditions of amateur radio we are equally interested in the future of our hobby and have plenty of members using the latest equipment and modes of transmission.”

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