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Radio Amateur Old Timers’ Association (RAOTA)


OTNews Autumn 2022

The Radio Amateur Old Timers’ Association

The Autumn 2022 issue of the RAOTA quarterly magazine (OTNews) has been sent to the printers for a proof copy and also (for those with limited vision) to the reader of the audio version. The aim is that printed and audio versions arrive with members at the same time, in the near future. An image of the cover is shown here. The issue contains the annual reports from President, Treasurer, and Sales Officer. W3WEG continues his series on ‘Antenna Chronicles’, and G4KRN explains Baluns, UnUns, and ferrites.


What is more, G4GQL shows us yet another Morse key design, built entirely from Meccano. G0TUD wonders if he was a TV repairman or radio amateur, and G4KRN recalls his ‘early days and early radios’. This issue has details of three get-togethers that have taken place this year – RAOTA is a national club with no central HQ and members spread across the whole of the British Isles (and increasingly overseas too) so we try to arrange local gatherings for members to share a meal and have a chat.


Also, GM4FZH tests our remaining brain cells with a quiz (with answers at the back of the magazine), while G4GHU cheers us up with another cartoon. Meanwhile, G3ZPF debates whether or not a ‘balanced feeder’ actually exists. There are also a couple of articles from RAOTC (the equivalent RAOTA organisation in VK), submitted by VK6CSW. One is about memories of Eindhoven and the other is mysteriously titled ‘From Big Things, Little Things Grow’.


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Finally: Although RAOTA is invested in the history and traditions of amateur radio, the Association is very interested in the future of our hobby. Plenty of members are using the latest equipment and modes of transmission. All being well RAOTA will have a stand at the Newark Hamfest in October so please do come over and have a chat.


RAOTA Membership Secretary

65 Montgomery Street

Hove, East Sussex, BN3 5BE

(Source: RAOTA | David Reynolds)

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