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Radio User May 2022


Find out what's inside the May 2022 issue of Radio User

Airband News
David Smith tracks military flights over Eastern Europe, looks into communications at RAF Benson and reports on changes and new emissions policies at Luton and Amsterdam Airports. 

Airshows 2022
In his second contribution to this month’s magazine, David Smith offers Part One of our popular RadioUser guide to aeronautical displays, airshow celebrations, flyovers and history days out.

Book Review  
David Harris reviews a new title delving into the radio history of Vietnam, in which we learn more about propaganda, censorship, and ‘colour-coded’ radio broadcasts. 

Digital Radio 
Kevin Ryan presents a Beginner’s Guide to Internet Radio, looking at the rapid development of this flexible medium, and investigating the distinct ways in which you can enjoy its great diversity. 

Rallies and Events         
Our in-depth listing of radio shows and Hamfests this summer and autumn is, perhaps, the UK’s most comprehensive guide to consult before you set out. Check with organisers before you do.

Review: WiNRADIO WR-G69DDCe Excelsior Ultra
Clint Gouveia is back in his well-equipped shack; he offers the UK’s first in-depth review of the latest high-end SDR from WiNRADiO: the professional-level WR-G69DDCe Excelsior Ultra. 

Review: Malahit-DSP SDR
On the other end of the SDR scale, the editor has some practical advice for those who are thinking about acquiring the much-talked-about Malahit-DSP (MDS2000) Software-Defined Receiver. 

Emerging Issues in Radio 
Beginning a new two-part mini-run, Chrissy Brand offers some informed opinion on how radio might evolve over the next decade, assessing future technologies, formats and listeners’ choices. 

International Radio & New Media  
In her global column this month, Chrissy offers her tips for the very best in worldwide broadcasts and podcasts, focussing on news programmes, and the classical, folk and electronic music genres. 

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Feature: Early Broadcasting Stations in Britain
Tony Currie relives the fascinating world of the very first broadcasts in Britain and profiles a radio pioneer who seems to have been largely, and unjustly, forgotten.  

European Private Short Wave Stations | News        
Stig Hartvig Nielsen shares the latest edition of his pan-European Guide to privately-run Short Wave Stations. Tune in to those for a radio landscape you’ll love, and which you never knew existed. 

TV and Radio, Past and Present   
Keith Hamer and Garry Smith move on to the 1970s; this was the era of the foundation of BBC-2, the inauguration of Television Centre, colour TV, and programmes we still remember, and love, today. 

Aerials Now: 
Keith Rawlings builds an aerial to better receive the new BBC Short Wave broadcasts to Ukraine, and he introduces the workings, applications and requirements of a good trap-dipole antenna. 

Signals from Space  
Tim Kirby profiles the history and major achievements of the Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire, a site of global significance and appreciates the life and work of Sir Bernard Lovell (1913-2012). 

Long- Medium and Short Wave
Scott Caldwell shares some of his own and readers’ logs, profiles the Medium Wave Circle (MWC), considers current transatlantic MW DXing and reveals the latest news from the world of HF radio. 

Maritime Matters  
Robert Connolly interprets emergency terminology used on the Maritime Bands, shares common frequencies to try for visitors to the Coast and introduces the National Coastguard Institution (NCI).

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