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Radio User- November 2019


Radio User November 2019 is on sale now!

The National Hamfest in Newark was, once again, very well attended this year. RadioUser was there, and, in this issue, you will find extensive coverage of the event in words and pictures. The overall flavour of this issue lies in listening to utility (non-broadcast) signals, for example, transmissions from aircraft and from non-directional beacons. Both these areas are of rising interest to the radio enthusiast and radio monitor. A secondary focus this month is on the story of radio, with articles on the pioneers, such as Nikola Tesla, and a look at the early radio listeners’ and experimenters’ licensing system. The present is by no means forgotten, however, and we bring you the very latest in contemporary radio events and conferences, as well as a wealth of news from the forefront of digital radio, radio technology, and network radio. 

Radio User November 2019 is now available to purchase from most good Newsagents or buy from us here

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