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Radiodays Europe 2023


Chrissy Brand Reports from Prague

Mind-Blowing Sessions 

The Radiodays Europe conference for 2023 has come to Prague. An appropriate city this year, as host broadcaster Czech Radio is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Three days of the best in innovative and inspiring radio and audio chat, technology, networking, and just simple fun, commenced in Prague on Sunday.

We are about to head into the third and final day as I write this. As ever, the four parallel sessions of presentations have covered a wide range of pertinent topics to the radio, audio and podcasting world: examples of quality and successful programme content, new ways to attract audiences, radio and digital platforms, using Tik Tok as part of radio station interaction, smart radio in cars, broadcasting in conflict zones, AI and GPT.

The list is almost endless, it is certainly exciting, but that's what happens when 1200 professionals from 65 countries gather to share experiences and ideas and learn from each other. Station talent, podcasters, producers, engineers, publicists, directors and more. Sunday saw three summits to attend. Radiodays Inclusive, a Podcast Summit and an Audiodata Summit.

So far, two of the most exciting sessions on Monday were about AI and youth. The use of AI and GPT to write and co-write radio dramas was a mind-blowing session presented by Anna Vosalikova of Czech Radio and Satu Keto of Yle, Finland.

ABC's Angela Stengel explained the broadcasters' methods in engaging with the 15-to-24-year-old cohort. This included how the ABC ‘Politics Explained' series, in English, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia, engaged first-time voters in last year's Australian Federal Elections.

Breakfast is calling me before a final day of meeting inspirational and friendly radio folk and a further 22 sessions to try to get my head around. It's a great life. 

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Follow #RDE2023 on social media for more, plus visit the Radiodays Europe website for reports of each session. My own musings, in some more detail, will appear in the May issue of The Spectrum Monitor magazine.


A Conference with a View

Satu Keto of YLE explains the use of AI in Audio.

Many thanks to Chrissy Brand for this contribution. Watch this space for more from Radiodays Europe.