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Radiodays Europe in Lisbon


Europe's most important radio conference

The Buzz and Energy of Radiodays Europe

There is a buzz of excitement and energy generated at the Radiodays Europe conference that is hard to beat. The conference comprises dozens of quality speakers. The schedule for Lisbon from 29th March reads like a radio and audio industry Who's Who.

I am certainly looking forward to hearing what these, and many, many more speakers will bring to the show: Portuguese radio presenter, tv host, comedian and writer, Nuno Markl; BBC pop music controller Lorna Clarke; 103.5 KTU New York host, Carolina Bermudez; Head of P3 Denmark, Tina Marie Borresoe; and Head of Talent Development, Southern Cross Australia, Adrian Brine.

International conferences bring together key players and a plethora of innovation and ideas but inevitably have an environmental impact. Catering for thousands in a conference is no mean feat, but avoiding single-use plastics at mealtimes is surely the norm for all such events now.

The Radiodays Europe app helps cut down on paper, although I do like to have a copy of the conference brochure, to highlight and makes notes on. It makes for a good souvenir and reference too, along with the conference tote bags and advertiser flyers. No problem with that.

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Travel has the single most environmental impact and Radiodays encourage participants to let the train take the strain, rather than fly to Portugal. I hope that people do this.

I have the luxury of time so will be hopping on a train at London St. Pancras international for the 24 hour trip to Lisbon, via Paris, an overnight from Hendaye in south-west France, through Spain and into Lisbon for breakfast time.

But train travel is no travail. It can be bliss: work, eat, sleep, relax, make new friends, read, enjoy the scenery, listen to music and podcasts. Roll on, Lisbon!

(Source: Chrissy Brand)

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