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RadioUser Contributor appointed EDXC Secretary-General


Chrissy Brand, who writes two columns per month for RadioUser magazine (Emerging Issues in Radio and The International Radio Scene) has been appointed to the post of Secretary-General of the prestigious European DX Council.

RadioUser Contributor Chrissy Brand Appointed Secretary-General of the European DX Council

Founded in 1967, The European DX Council advocates the interests of European DX listeners and DX clubs in international organisations in the field of radio and telecommunications. After six years of dedicated service in the posts of Secretary General and Assistant  Secretary General, Finns Kari Kivekäs and Jan-Mikael Nurmela stepped down after last year's successful EDXC conference in Bratislava and Vienna. After consultation with member clubs across Europe in November, the EDXC is pleased to have appointed an Anglo-French team at the helm for the years 2019 to 2021. RadioUser author and journalist Chrissy Brand is the new Secretary General and Christian Ghibaudo is the new Assistant  Secretary General. As well as a columnist for RadioUser, Chrissy is an active member of the British DX Club and was the local organiser of the EDXC 2016 Conference in Manchester. Christian is a long time DXer, an individual member of the EDXC. He was the main person arranging the EDXC 2014 Conference in Tende and Nice, in the south of France. The 2019 conference will take place in Andorra in September, exact dates to be finalised.

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