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RadioUser Contributor Joins Prestigious Research Project


Scott Caldwell accepted onto Emporia 4 KT

A Europe-wide Success


RU team member Scott Caldwell has recently been accepted onto the EMPORIA4KT project. This high-profile programme is offering an in-depth training and mentoring programme for Blue Economy researchers to enhance their analytical skills in innovation and technology transfer.  This programme will provide training and mentoring to researchers to equip them with vital knowledge transfer (KT) skills for their future careers in Blue Economy innovation and will also provide valuable networking opportunities - an essential requirement for academic research in terms of PhD and post-doctoral career development plans (CPD). Researchers will learn how to direct Research and Development towards market, industry, and private and public investment. They will also explore how to de-risk the Early Stage Technology (EST) development process and how to make ESTs more attractive to investment at an early stage of development. Focusing on the re-risking of return on investment concerns.

The programme will be divided into two phases. The first phase will consist of three to five days of online workshops (March 2021) when researchers will receive training in skills related to innovation and technology transfer activities. The second phase consists of a 9-month mentoring programme (April – December 2021), during which participants will meet at three face to face events in each participating country, in addition to regular online meetings via virtual collaboration tools. Within national-based teams of four people, researchers will determine the best commercialisation routes for real case studies of Early Stage Technologies in the Blue Economy. Each team will receive support from experienced EMPORIA4KT project partners and mentors in relevant academic and industry fields of the Blue Economy.Three teams in each participating country will present at a national level, and the team with the best performance will represent their country in the EMPORIA4KT final international event in Brussels.


At this final event, the five nationally selected teams will pitch their commercialisation plan for their Early Stage Technology, to an audience of industry, public bodies, private investors and peers. The EST pitch will be followed by a brokerage event, providing the opportunity for networking and KT collaborations. The remaining national ESTs will be presented by poster at this international event, generating sector interest.  The EMPORIA4KT project plans to raise additional funding for proof-of-concept studies for the winning EST. The EMPORIA4KT Blue Economy Technology Transfer Programme is a very prestigious opportunity for the early career researcher and will only accept 12 Blue Economy researchers per country. 

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Congratulations to Scott from the team here at RadioUser and Warners


(Source: EMPORIA4KT; EU; SC)



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