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RadioUser March is on sale now!


The Diversity of the Radio Hobby in the UK

Radio is much more than short wave DXing or amateur radio activities. The hobby unites under one roof a diversity of UK-based enthusiast groups, hobby associations and charities. While we have, over the past few issues, looked at some ways in which the medium is used for such things as development assistance, the March issue of RadioUser places a new emphasis on home-grown enthusiasts’ groups in the UK. We offer a profile of two of the most prolific ones in the issue – the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) and the Radio Amateurs Old Timers Association. We introduce you to some of the membership of these groups, as well as to their publications and activities, and we hope that you will find this interesting and that you may join them or encourage others so to do. It is vital for the future of the hobby that groups such as these benefit from new contacts and new members. So please enjoy the profiles in this month’s issue and don’t forget to read the rest of the magazine too. 

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