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RadioUser October 2019 is on sale today


What's inside this issue?

In its October issue, RadioUser offers an in-depth feature on the brilliant mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing, who succeeded in breaking the Enigma Code, and who has recently been selected to be on the new UK £50 banknote. Turing’s achievements have been celebrated in such movies as Enigma and The Imitation Game, and in a number of recent books. In this new, two-part series, RadioUser goes behind the myths, looks at the early work of Alan Turing, and at how he paved the way towards  ‘universal machines’ – what we now know as computers. The article brings to life the drama of a brilliant scientist and war hero, who was persecuted for his sexual orientation. This RadioUser mini-series also offers further resources to those who wish to learn more about this enigmatic genius. 


Pick up your issue from most good newsagents or buy your copy directly from us here

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