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New for Summer 2021

Enjoy OTNews Summer 2021 and Join RAOTA

The summer 2021 issue of the quarterly magazine of the Radio Amateurs Old Timers’ Association (RAOTA) (OTNews) has been sent to the printer and copies will be received by members shortly.


The Radio Amateur Old Timers' Association (RAOTA) aims to maintain the traditions and spirit of amateur radio.


Although RAOTA is interested in the history and traditions of amateur radio, the association is equally concerned with in the future of the radio hobby and has plenty of members who are using the latest equipment and modes of transmission.


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Some seem to think that to join RAOTA you need to have been licensed for 25 years to become a member, but you don’t. Anyone with an active interest in amateur radio is welcome to become a member.


There is no need to hold (or be qualified to hold) an amateur radio licence, and we have several SWL in our ranks.


Contact: RAOTA Membership Secretary, 65 Montgomery Street, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 5BE