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Raspberry Pi World Radio


Design Innovation with a Traditional Twist

An Eye-Catching Radio Concept


Listening to radio from distant countries used to take a short wave rig, but thanks to the Internet we can now pull in streams from all over the globe from the comfort of our own desktop. With a few clicks, you can switch between your local news station and the latest in pop trends from Casablanca. But as convenient as online streaming might be, some folks still yearn for the traditional radio experience.


For those people, the Raspberry Pi World Radio by Abraham Martinez Gracia might be the solution. Built into the body of a 1960s Invicta radio, this Internet radio uses a very unique interface. Rather than just picking from a list of channels, you use the knobs on the front to pan and zoom around a map of the world. Streaming channels are represented by bubbles located within their country of origin, so you will actually have to ‘travel’ there to listen in.


Watch out for our review of this radio in one of the forthcoming issues of RadioUser!

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