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RSGB Update (11 March 2023)


YOTA Summer Camp & Presentations

The Future of Amateur Radio

RSGB Team for YOTA Hungary Summer Camp

Applications are open for becoming part of the RSGB team going to the Youngsters on the Air (YOTA) summer camp in Hungary. The event will take place from 5-12 August 2023This is a chance in a lifetime for young RSGB Members to represent their country and national society. You could be a team member (if you are aged between 15 and 25) or a team leader (if you are aged between 18 and 30). We would love to hear from you if you’re interested in meeting other young amateurs, supporting local and regional YOTA activities, and developing ideas regarding the future of amateur radio. For more information and the application form, either head over to our website at or email the Youth Champion Liam Robbins, G5LDR via [email protected]

 RSGB 2022 Convention Presentations on Antennas & SDR

The RSGB has released two more 2022 Convention presentations for radio amateurs to enjoy. In “Antennas for an effective contest station” Lee Volante, G0MTN reviews many of the options available to the HF contester when making antenna choices. He considers how antenna type, height, location and available resources have to be balanced with the type of contest and a contester's personal goals. The “Further exploration of SDR” by Gordon Lean, G3WJG covers the design and performance of Software Defined Radio systems from direct carrier generation to the use of units incorporating the GNU-Radio design software. It also focuses on experience and actual use of equipment on all bands from 80M to 10 GHz and some of the benefits and difficulties associated with SDR operation. You can watch them both on the RSGB YouTube channel at or in the RSGB members’ portal at

(Source: Heather Parsons, Communications Manager, RSGB: Tel: 07710 395 012)

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