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RSGB Update (150123)


Direct to Full Exam Booking & Mock Papers


Mock & Morse

RSGB: Booking for the Direct to Full exam is now open. The exam can only be taken online but can be booked by individuals or clubs. Go to the RSGB exam booking page and follow the process for an individual or club booking:

The Society has also published a mock paper and answers for the Direct to Full exam:


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RSGB Volunteer Talks about Morse on BBC Radio

Following the recent items in The Times and on BBC Radio 4 PM programme about a rise in the use of Morse Code in America, the RSGB contacted BBC Three Counties Radio and arranged an interview for Mervyn Foster, G4KLE.

Mervyn is a volunteer at the RSGB National Radio Centre, an RSGB District Representative and a lifelong devotee of Morse Code. He spoke to Andy Collins on the Breakfast Show on Friday 13 January 2023.

You can listen to the interview on BBC Sounds; it starts at 1:53:01:


(Source: Heather Parsons, Communications Manager, RSGB: Tel: 07710 395 012; E-mail: [email protected];