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RSGB Update (18 February 2022)


News from the Radio Society of Great Britain

RSGB: Website, Syllabus & TX Factor 

(1) The RSGB's Examinations Standards Committee and Exam Syllabus Review Group have released the latest version of the Syllabus: Syllabus 2019 version 1.5. New regulations from Ofcom require all UK radio amateurs to comply with the international guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The updated syllabus includes learning points relating to these new licence conditions. The adoption date for this version is 1 September 2022, meaning that after that date the examinations will include questions on the new EMF-related material at all levels. You can see the updated syllabus on the RSGB website:

(2) The RSGB has launched a new set of web pages to draw together the RSGB's activities for Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. More activities are planned and we'll be adding details to this web section over the coming weeks. You can find all the information in one place at

(3) TX Factor is back after a year’s break and the RSGB is delighted to sponsor Episode 28. Bob and Mike get to grips with constructing a digital voice modem using an MMDVM module kit and Raspberry Pi Zero, and Bob reviews the long-awaited ID-52 5W hand-held transceiver from Icom. There’s a chance to win a bundle of books from the RSGB in the free-to-enter draw, and you'll find a quick overview of EMF requirements during the show:

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(Source: Heather Parsons, Communications Manager, ​Radio Society of Great Britain)

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