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RSGB Webinar


Radio Waves & Antennas

Make A Date With Tonight at 8

The last in this year’s series of the RSGB’s ‘Tonight at 8’ webinars took place last Monday 4th July and is now available to see - or catch up with - on YouTube at:

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The presentation is by Peter Duffett Smith GM3XJE. In the abstract for Peter’s presentation he says:

“What makes a radio wave? Some mysterious properties of radio waves which you might not have appreciated. How do you launch radio waves? Antennas. Radiation resistance. Radiation patterns. Antenna gain. Transmitting and receiving. Getting power into, and from, your antenna. Resonance, or lack thereof. Feeders. Feeder impedance. Matching—does VSWR really matter? Why can’t you make a monopole? Multi-element antennas. Phased antennas.”

If this intrigues you, and as radio enthusiasts, most of us love tinkering with aerials, why not take a look!

(Source, and many thanks to Tim Kirby)