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SAQ Grimeton World Heritage


Most Recent Transmissions of SAQQ Grimeton on VLF

Grimeton SAQ Transmission on Christmas Day 2019


The World Heritage Site mechanical VLF transmitter at Grimeton in Sweden was on the air again last month, on 17.2kHz, on Christmas Day 2019. The station has the world’s last surviving transmitter of its kind. It used to be a lifeline for Swedish emigres and is switched on a few times per year, on special occasions. The United Nations Day (24th October 2019) transmission was not successful, so VLF enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting the Christmas Day broadcast. QSL cards as such are not issued by SAQ. However, there is an interactive map to show where the signals have reached. Moreover, the station accepts shorter QSL reports via e-mail. A live video stream of activity at the Grimeton site before and during the transmissions – when they happen – is often made available by the Alexander Association.


RadioUser covers SAQ Grimeton - and VLF transmissions in general - on a regular basis, and we are still looking for new writers in this area.



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More Information

RadioUser, June 2018: 33; August 2019: 24-25

RadioUser, December 2019: 32-35


Radiostationen, Grimeton 72

SE-432 98 Grimeton (Sweden)

Tel: (0046) 0340 674 190

E-mail: [email protected]


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